Arduino with XBee in API Mode

Hi guys,

I am running into a problem trying to send wireless data from one XBee to another XBee using the API mode. Both XBee's are programmed by Arduino. I read through the XBee manual and tried many ways to just send a "HIGH" to the other XBee but I can't manage to do that. Can anyone please teach me how to achieve this? Just an example Arduino code on the sending side and the receiving side will be great. Thank you very much in advance.

Try the guide to the XBee shield. It starts with instructions for getting two boards to talk to each other (and provides the code).

Thanks Mellis for the reply. I have read through that and the XBee example provided in the tutorial. I have already tested how to transfer data when the XBee is operating in the Transparent Mode but I cannot get it to work under API Mode. Any examples? Thank you very much in advance.

Sorry, I missed that part of the question. I haven’t used API mode at all, but I hope someone else can help you out.