Arduino with XBee shield and 2 motor drivers

Hi I want to drive one servo motor and two dc motors wirelessly using arduino duemilanove and Xbee shield. I am using one TB6612FNG driver for the DC motors and one MC33887 for the servo motor.

My hardware is like the following:

1x Arduino Duemilanove
1x Xbee shield+Xbee card + Xbee explorer
1x MC33887 Motor Driver Carrier
1x TB6612FNG

Firstly is it possible to control the motors wirelessly with such a setup. Secondly I can use some help on connecting the parts. I have never used Arduino on motor control, so kinda new to this kind of equipment. Thanks for your help.

The links:

MC33887 Motor Driver Carrier (Pololu - MC33887 Motor Driver Carrier)
Motor Driver 1A Dual TB6612FNG (SparkFun Motor Driver - Dual TB6612FNG (1A) - ROB-14451 - SparkFun Electronics)
XBee Pro 50mW Series 2.5 Chip Antenna (XBee Pro 50mW Series 2.5 Chip Antenna - WRL-08767 - SparkFun Electronics)
Xbee Shield (

Hi Nefsantum
I have been working on a similar project. Please visit: and let me know if this is helpful.