Arduino wont connect to computer

Sorry if this has already been posted, I tried searching in google but no sucess.

So, my new computer arrived last month, and today I started building my home automation project with Blynk, but I have one problem: The arduino wont connect to the computer. Here are some thing that might help you guys troubleshoot my problem:

  • It doesen't make any connection sound like a flash drive does
  • The device manager doesen't refresh when I plug it
  • I tried all my USB ports
  • I'm sure my cable works, because I was able to sync photos from my phone to my PC.
  • Its an Arduino Leonardo
  • I'm running the last version of the IDE (Downloaded today)

Hope you guys can help me some way :slight_smile:

I think you didn't get the Arduino drivers installed on your computer completely.

then goto control panel, under the heading Hardware and sound you find View devices and printers, click on it.

then you will find the device (maybe under Unspecified label). Right click on the icon and then click remove device.

Now connect your board to the computer and let the device install on your computer(do not close the dialog box).

and it is done....