Arduino won't open ".ino" file as it says it's invalid

I'm fairly new to arduino and I am trying to open a downlaoded code for a project I am constructing. It gives an error message when i try to open the code stating "Could not create sketch" even though it is a ".ino" file. I appreciate any help on this topic as I just need to view what's inside the file in order to see the code at least.

First, check that the file is even valid by opening it with notepad or other text editor - a .ino file is just text.

Arduino requires that each .ino file be in a folder with the same name, and will try to create that and move the file if it isn't. If the file is in a location where there is a permissions issue preventing that from being done, I think it will give the behavior you describe.

Thanks so much, It worked when I opened in notepad and transferred it over from there.