Arduino working outdoor

Hi folks,

I am currently working on an Arduino project which is set up outdoors.

Apparently our environment (in Higher Tatra, Slovakia) can be very cold. Is there an Arduino board that operates at temperature below -25°C?



Atmega 328P chip datasheet says: Temperature Range:
-40°C to 85°C

Other components are probably comfortable in similar ranges.
I would be more worried about the power supply.

there was recent someone overclocking its Arduino with liquid nitrogen :wink:

You should make an insulating box, add a heating element + temperature sensor and let the Arduino control the temperature.
Keeping it above zero should not be too difficult.

Hi guys,

thanks for your quick responses!

Hmm, the Atmel seems to be able to cope with the temperatures. Anyone got experiences with working with an Arduino at these low temperatures?

Bests from Nitra,