Arduino Workshop, Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. Space for 12 students.

Folks, We are going to try an Arduino Workshop at our little Language School here in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. We have space for 12 students. Each Student will have their own PC with an internet connection (for going to or Jeremy Blum videos, etc..).

Students will be required to purchase a bare bones arduino uno kit. Depending on sponsor dollars received to purchase the kits for the students, it will be somewhere between $250mxp -$400mxp. Response has been good for sponsors, so we really are hoping to get it down to $250mxp per kit. Kits belong to the student.

For the month of June...attendance is free. We are just looking at the interest among young people to take the class... and retired engineers/techs/tinkers in assisting the students.

We will get an announcement on our websites soon: (school in Guaymas, Sonora, MX) (consulting biz in Tucson, AZ, USA

Targeting June 3 to start. Young people can only text on their cel fones and visit facebook so many times over the long hot summer. Likewise, Retired people can only do so much fishing and drink so much beer over the same long hot summer. Here's an effort to point each group at more productive endeavors.

We scheduled the workshop... Tue and Fri mornings... 10am to 12pm. Starts on Tuesday, June 3rd.

Free admission... but $250mxp (about $20usd) for the Arduino Kits.

Lets see if we can get some kids interested in learning and building fun stuff instead of spray painting graffiti all over hell and gone.


The Electronics/Programming/Arduino Workshops continue in Guaymas.

Daniel Hernández, a former instructor for the Espanglish Institute, has absorbed all of the Music and Electronics workshops and is operating under his own venture "The Guaymas Workshop".

We are really excited to have Daniel pioneering this effort in Guaymas. The Guaymas Workshop maintains a friendly non-binding affiliation with the Espanglish Institute... Therefore, you can reach Daniel at