Arduino Workshop in Seville (10-June-2014)

Hi, everybody!

We are going to celebrate an Arduino Workshop in Seville (Spain), next 10th June 2014, in the conference series "[SIC]: Information & Knowledge Society Trends".

We are looking for people who wants to show their arduino project in this showcase.

If you want to join us, please contact us at:
DM on Twitter: @debateSIC

More information at:

About [SIC]:

[sic] is the name of a series of conferences on trends in the Information and Knowledge Society. Our conferences take place once per month and are designed to discuss current issues about the Information Society. [sic] is an initiative by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC- IPTS) and the Junta de Andalucía.

In this context, Debates [sic] aims at contributing to the discussion by offering a plural and enriching debate on selected topics. We will invite experts and professionals from fields as diverse as public participation, the health, education or technology, to discuss with you social relations and the challenges involved.

You may follow our sessions either at the UOC’s site in Seville, Calle Torneo 32 or via streaming. We encourage you also to share your views via a number of social networks we offer.

The pervasive deployment of ICTs (Information and Communication Technology) is changing the way we communicate and access information; it has transformed the way we work, study and learn, the interaction with public authorities, the way we handle and generate personal and professional networks of people, and also our habits we purchase and consume products and services.

Virtually no area of our daily life remains untouched by the influence of ICTs and we can truly say ICTs is the cause of a new social, economic and cultural paradigm. This paradigm started two decades ago and it has not ceased to expand due to the technological progress to provide ever increasing storage capacity, more processing power and to ever more rapid information transmission channels. However, a bigger challenge remains uncompleted: the creation of a true information and knowledge society.

Hi everybody! - ¡Hola Javier!

Like an Arduino newby I don't may have a project por June this year, I expect... But I definetily will keep a close eye to the event. I will look forward the streamings an the upcoming news. Nice project. I will try to share and highlight the conference.

Siempre es muy agradable leer sobre lo encariñada que esta España con Arduino.
It's always nice read about how spanish people love Arduinos.