Arduino + WT588D + LM386 AMP

First of all, sorry for my bad english..
Second, if this is the wrong place for my question, sorry again..

I'm trying to make an audio project with arduino pro mini, and the wt588d sound module.
All arduino code works fine, and the wt588d too, but the sound in pwm output mode is very low! so i wish to try to amplificate signal using an LM386..
I've bought an amp module with LM386 but it doesn't work, or i'm not able to make it work.. :expressionless:
I have connected the power supply of amp module with the same of arduino and wt588d (5V 800mA) and connected the input signal to DAC output (previously setted), but the result is a quick noise like a "BUPH".

Can someone help me?
someone have used a LM386 to amp the pwm or DAC signal of wt588d?

Thanks in advance,

In the datasheet, there's a schematic drawing showing a how the LM386 is typically connected to the WT588D. It shows a 10K pot to adjust the volume level.

How is yours different?

i know, i have read the PFD, and i have discovered that i can't apply the same power supply to lm386 and wt588d, if i connect lm386 with a sparate power supply it works.. :expressionless: