Arduino WVV Atomic Clock

Hey team.

Has anyone seen any projects involving pulling 5mhz or 10mhz WVV signals from the atomic clocks?
Is there a module that does this?
Should I just consider using a 10mhz crystal and try dtmf decoder?

Thanks in advance

I imagine you can probably do the dtmf decoding, but I would think hooking up a GPS unit to your Arduino would give you the accurate time in a digital format.

Is there a module that does this?

Something like this?

Though evidently, digikey has discontinued that particular item.

To read the WWV signal you would have to digitize the audio and then use Goertzel's algorithm to detect whichever tones you are interested in.
The 1000Hz tone occurs every minute and the 1500Hz tone is once an hour and are easy to detect.
The 100Hz tone encodes the date and time. As long as the radio reproduces 100Hz well, it is also easy to detect and not difficult to decode with a good signal. The difficulty with the 100Hz tone is that you have to decode an entire minute to read the whole date and time and there is no error detection/correction built into the encoding. Noise can, for example, make a '1' pulse read as a '0' pulse so you need to read the date and time from at least two consecutive minutes before you can trust the result.

I don't understand your reference to a DTMF decoder. It's not going to help.