Arduino x ESP8266 IoT security camera to stream video onto web/iOS app

I need help with an IoT project involving an Arduino Mini, an ESP8266, an old laptop camera that connects through usb, a PIR sensor, and some mini breadboards that I’m using so I don’t have to solder anything.

My main issue at the moment is confirming whether I connected the ESP to the Arduino properly or not on my breadboard. Attached is the picture of the connections.

Generally though, just to describe some of the connections, since my breadboards don’t have “red lines” and “blue lines”, I used arbitrary rows for power sourcing, and connected the power pins to those.

Once confirming the connections, I’d like to know how to then properly connect the camera, which has a (+) line, (-) line, and two data chords.

IMG_2950 copy.pdf (522 KB)

Interesting project, do you have more information on parts and code?
Are you following a guide?

Do you have a voltmeter, best way to check the breadboard configuration.

But generally, the rows would be connected left to right.

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