Arduino x Matlab

I need to do a college job and inside that I need to trigger an engine 28BYJ-48 with the driver. Through Matlab and needed a help!
Thank you

Preciso fazer um trabalho da faculdade e dentro disso preciso acionar um motor 28BYJ-48 com o driver. Através do Matlab e precisava de uma ajuda!

What part do you need help with? If you want someone to just do it for you then you can ask on the Gigs section and offer to pay someone. But if you want help them that implies that you are going to do at least some part of it. In that case you need to be a little more specific about what part is confusing you.

This code is making a mistake. It only rotates 5 degrees very slow::

pins={'D8', 'D9', 'D10', 'D11'};
steps={'1100', '0110', '0011','1001'};

steps_size=size(steps,2); %steps = 4

for i = 1:50

step = steps{mod(i,steps_size)+1}; % step=1,2,3,4

for j=1:4
writeDigitalPin(a, pins{j}, str2double(step(j)));