arduino xbee problem

i have one arduino sending data to another arduino using digi’s xbee series 2. if i connect one coordinator xbee to a df robot xbee usb adapter, i can see the data being received by the xbee but if i connect the receiving coordinator xbee to an xbee shield and arduino and if i open the serial monitor, there is nothing being displayed. the xbees are configured properly using xctu and the router is sending data to the coordinator. heres my code for receiving xbee

void setup () {
void loop() {
while (Serial.available() > 0) {

the coordinator receives data on the df robot xbee usb adapter but does not receive data on the arduino to xbee shield


Are you using the Serial port to talk to the PC OR to talk to the XBee? Both is the wrong answer.

the xbees are configured properly using xctu

Perhaps your concept of "properly" isn't proper. Tell us how the XBees are ACTUALLY configured.

when i think i missed one configuration and i can not figure out what it is...

There is an option in X-CTU to reset the XBee to the default configuration. I suggest that you use it.