Arduino + Xbee problem

This is what i want to do:
-Send numbers from arduino 1 to arduino 2 using 2 x-bee's.

This is what i can do:
-Connect 1 x-bee to arduino(sender) using simple breakout board. This arduino sends out numbers serially. 2nd x-bee to PC using USB breakout board with FT232 chip. Communication established successfully. Numbers visible on serial port.

-I can also have an arduino 1 with x-bee having physical pixel sketch. X-bee with USB board to PC or another arduino with a sketch sending H and L. H and L from PC and arduino successfully trigger LED.

-Use PC to send numbers serially to arduino2(receiver) without using x-bee directly via usb. The arduino recognizes those numbers and acts accordingly.

This is what i can't do:
-Replace that PC in the 3rd point with the arduino(sender) in the 1st point.

Any ideas are welcome so are links with ready made test sketches. :slight_smile: and thank you.

Hello KillerKruel,
what kind of problem do you have, do you know wich part of your project does not work properly? (Code/ wiring/ Xbee Settings)

That's what i don't understand! I have now figured that i can try to connect the two arduinos directly with wires and see whether my code works. If it does, then i have more issues than i thought earlier.
And if you can, tell me this, is it possible for the reciever arduino(diecimelia) to display the incoming serial data on its serial port? If not, any ideas to debug it?

Yes, you could monitor the serial data that's comming from your xbee with your second arduino:

  1. Upload an arduino sketch that don't uses the serial connection, such as the blink example.
    (be sure to unconnect the serial wires while uploading, otherwise they could impede the uploading)
  2. Flip the rx and tx wires over, so that Xbee's Dout (tx) connects to your arduino's tx and the Xbee's Din (rx) to the rx of your arduino.
  3. Now open your serial monitor on your computer (if you don't know how: open your arduino programm, click the button which says "serial monitor")
  4. A new window schould open, now you should see the serial data that the xbee receives.