Along with greeting I turn to the community for some queries, but first I present, I am Michael Automation Engineering student and I have been a challenge. Which is to make an Arduino through Zigbee Xbee speak with a chip that is the Coordinator of the network, and it throws me in RS-485 data. so far all is well with Arduino + Xbee ... but the subject and consultation is an Xbee as I do (which is the network coordinator) talk RS-485, I'm doing with an integrated SN75176BP which is very similar to the MAX485. Reading the forums I have seen that the Xbee Pin 7 (CTS) can be modified to RS.485 ENABLE HIGH, but ... How to connect the Xbee with SN75176BP Chip, What I do with the Rx and Tx Xbee?.

If anyone can help me would be very grateful. If the project works, I go to the forum to help this great community.