Arduino XBee shield to switch on/off 12V devices..

Greetings users,

I'm working on a robot project for an event coming up. We are using power from 12V battery of a motor scooter to power everything. My part involves wirelessly switching on/off 3-4 different things requiring 12V of power such as clamp and actuator.

I'm planning to use [2] Arduino Duemilanove and [2] XBee series 1 and [2] shields by libelium.

I know how to program a button to turn an LED on/off. I'm not very skilled w/ electronics so I'm wondering what I need to do to basically switch things on/off wirelessly using power from the 12V battery. I'm thinking I'll need a relay.

Can anyone share some insight on this or point me to some links?



Thank you for your reply. I apologize. I'm a noob at this and electronics.

We are working power from a 12V/3amp of motor scooter battery.

I'm using [2] Arduinos/Xbee, one to transmit data and the other to receive it.

I basically need to be able to push a button wirelessly to turn power on/off. So, I thinking a relay would be used. Any ideas of things I should be looking for?