arduino & xbee to xbee & pololu servo controller

I want to wirelessly control 6 servos. Originally I thought to have 2 arduinos with xbees (1 taking the input commands and sending it wirelessly to the other, which would be hooked up to a pololu servo controller).

The pololu controller (207) receives its commands serially, so could I just have 1 arduino take the input commands, condition them to how the pololu wants it, send it wirelessly with the xbee, and have the pololu hooked up directly to the receiving xbee with no arduino on the other end?

I just want to make sure this concept makes sense before I start ordering parts. Thanks for any thoughts.

That seems to make sense. If the remote side does not need to do anything but control the servos then pololu seems a good choice for your application

alright…I’m ordering the stuff today. I’ll post the results when I finish.