Arduino XBee tribulations

Hi everybody,
The problem I have is communication between XBee (on the USB explorer connected to my PC) and the XBee (on the XBee Wireless Shield mounted on the UNO).
If anyone can help me with that step I would really appreciate it.
The XBees (versions) and parts I ordered are the same as in this Instructable, so I'm sure it's not a hardware problem because it works there. When i was assembling the XBee shield all i soldered was the shield stacking headers, and my UNO is straight out of the box (no jumpers or extras)

Here is my current XBee setup, first for the coordinator(PC) and second for XBee (UNO), both have the latest firmware. and identical Baud rates on the XBees and serial port COM7

Here is a video showing that I think that the XBees are paired correctly because when I type out commands in the X-CTU terminal the red LED (DOUT) on XBee shield blinks faintly, so there must be some signals getting through.
But when I try to upload a simple 'Blink' sketch to the UNO I get this error

I tried it with Shield set to either "DLINE" or "UART" & power cycling between takes, still same error

I'm sure my arduino program is set correctly, when i connect through USB everything works as expected:

I'm really at my wits-end, can you please take a look and tell me if there are any differences from your setup or any steps I might have missed? (let me know if the links are broken,)

Thanks in advance guys , any help would be appreciated. :smiley:

If you have properly soldered the headers on, with the switch in the DLINE position, you should be able to upload sketches to the Arduino, using the USB cable.

Then, with the switch in the UART position,

void setup()

void loop()
  while(Serial.available() > 0)
    char aChar =;

on the Arduino, and the Range Test tab active in X-CTU, the data sent by X-CTU should be echoed to the Serial Monitor and back to the sending XBee.

Despite the bulls*t on Digi's site, the XBees do need some configuration.

I've set PAN ID, DL, and MY on mine, and nothing else. In the Modem field, it shows XB24. In the Function Set is XBEE 802.15.4. The Version is 10CD.

On the PC Settings tab, Enable API is not checked.

PAN ID is set the same on both. The exact value does not matter. That they are the same does.

The MY value for one should be the DL value for the other. The exact value does not matter, as long as it is not 0.

I have:
PAN ID: 8001 8001
MY 1 2
DL 2 1

They communicate just fine.

Check the connections on the shield, and configure your XBees properly.