Arduino Xbee Well house project

Hi everyone,
My name is Dennis and I have a bit of a question about programming my project. Description of my

project: I have a very low yield water well bout 300 feet from my house. My project will be to monitor

various sensors in the well house, transmit this data to my house and broadcast it on my home wifi.

As of now this is my equipment setup

Coordinator arduino - sd/datalogger - xbee and shield- wifi shield.

End device arduino - emonTx shield - sensor board (of some design) - xbee and shield

Sensors will be ;

  • temp

-water level in well (ie pressure from a bubbler system)

  • ct (for the emontx board) to measure well pump amps

-and later on three water level switches for the storage tank.

I am having difficulty with understanding how these sensor readings will be sparsed out so I can build

my sketch? I semi-understand how to extract the serial data stream to get one sensors return

value....but not the rest of the sensors? I am thinking that the end device arduino will have to do

some progamming before it is tx from the xbee?

Any help would be sooo awesome..Dennis

I am having difficulty with understanding how these sensor readings will be sparsed out so I can build

Since you get to define that, the difficulty in understanding isn’t understandable.

What I would do is send something like “<T:temp; L:level; C:current; D:depth1, depth2, depth 3>”, and use Robin2’s sticky post on Serial Input Basics to read the data.

Then, when you parse the data, each token (“T:temp”, “L:level”, “C: current”, or “D:depth1, depth2, depth3”), can be copied into a char array for further parsing/manipulation.

How will the Arduino communicate with those sensors? What sensors are you planning to use?

The emontx board has it's own wireless transmitter in it, if my quick read of the page is right (please link to things you're planning to use, don't make us go google them to help you). Are you planning to use that? It sounds like you're planning to use XBee. In that case, what form does the data come out of the emontx board in? Would it make more sense to just use a few basic current sensors, without dragging along the hopeRF transmitter that the emontx shield has? It would definitely be cheaper...

Sending the data over XBee and receiving it should be pretty easy. XBee just acts like serial, so you can look at any of the many examples for sending data over serial.