arduino-xxxxxxxx libraries, Why?

I have many libraries named arduino-xxxxxx (a random number) that have the same contents as named libraries and the compiler complains there are two copies of the .h files I'm using. Why is this happening?

Hi there!

With libraries there are two types of files: source (.c or .cpp) and header (.h) files. When there are multiple of the same file in any given directory, errors will pop up since variables and other data types are being defined multiple times, which is what causes this error.

If you can, go into the directory where these numbered-library files are located and see if there are multiple of the same files. If not, move the numbered libraries into a new folder so that the IDE cannot see them.

The Arduino Library Manager (Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries) creates those folders when a library with the same folder name is already present in your {sketchbook}/libraries folder but it can't be sure from the library metadata ( that it's the same library and thus doesn't want to overwrite the existing library.