Arduino Yun access point AND join an existing Lan


This may be more of an OpenWRT question, but hopefully someone here can help me out.

The question: Can the Yun be both an Access Point and join an internet enabled network at the same time?

Quick Background: I want the Yun to connect several other Arduino's of different types to a linux box running MQTT. I have successfully configured the Yun to act as an access point and all the Arduino's (via ESP8266) join the Yun network and interface with the linux box (Arduino's do NOT need Internet access - just MQTT access). I want to keep this Yun powered access point architecture so the project still functions whether the linux box has internet access or not.

I also want the linux box to have Public internet access when that access is available.

I THOUGHT I could connect the Yun to my LAN AND configure it as an access point so any device connecting to the Yun's network could use the Yun as a gateway to the internet.

When I connect the Yun to my lan (after previously configuring it as an access point) no devices can connect to the Yun after it has joined my local LAN.

Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks in advance

As the Linux side of the Yun acts just as a normal Linux host this is possible but you have to configure it differently than the OpenWRT creators expected. This also means that you might have to reconfigure your Yun each time you update it's firmware. To my knowledge it's not possible to configure this by the web interface but using the linux command line tools you can configure almost any network setup.

I found an answer for this problem.

1.) add a USB NIC 2.) Configure one NIC for AP and one NIC for WAN 3.) configure client router

My original assumption was correct - it was more of an OpenWRT question than arduino. Their forums just aren't as timely with responses :)