Arduino Yun and GoPro control

Hi all,

I'm trying to control my GoPro with Arduino Yun and having some difficulty. Given this difficulty, I'm wondering if I'm going about it the right way and/or whether I should be trying something else instead.

Here's where I'm at:

1.) I've installed node on my Arduino
2.) I want to install either gopro or gopro_hero_api on my Yun, but I regularly get the error "FATAL ERROR: Evacuation Allocation failed - process out of memory -- Aborted"
3.) Ohhhh kaayyyy, so I find that I might need to extend the RAM on my Arduino with a swap file. Except the command "dd" is not recognized by my Yun via ssh
4.) Now I'm stuck.
4a.) Am I misunderstanding something about installing gopro_hero_api on my Yun? Is the gopro_hero_api not meant to be installed on my Yun and instead be installed and run from my machine?
4b.) The example usage shows the following. Where is this file saved and run from?:

        var Camera = require('gopro').Camera
               var cam = new Camera('', 'camera password')
              .then(function() {

4c.) As an alternative, I also found this: GoPro Hero Python Library. Should I switch gears?
5.) Essentially my goal is to take a photo with three GoPros, send them somewhere where they can be sequenced and converted into a gif, and then displayed on a webpage. I'm open to doing anything that works. I've been trying new things and hitting all kinds of dead ends for the last few days. Can anyone weigh in on the recommended course of action from here?

Thank you!