Arduino Yun and HMC5883L

Hello to everyone.

I am trying to get data from HMC5833L ( using Arduino YUN.

I am using the example code provided by Sparkfun.

I have connected the HMC5833L to 3.3V, Ground but I am not exactly sure where to connect SDA adn SCL. Arduino YUN is based on Leonardo and according to mr.Google those pins are next to AREF. If I am correct than my HMC5833L is most likely broken (I prefer not to be right on this occasion).

My questions are: Which are the SDA and SCL pins? Do I need any special library for HMC5833L? Am I missing something?

Thank you for your help.

If you have an Arduino Uno as well there why not run one of the HMC5883 sketches for that board to check out the HMC5883L that you have. That would at least prove the sensor out.