Arduino Yun and Nodejs

Hi, my ultimate goal is to send values of a potentiometer to a local server hosted on my computer through the wifi of an Arduino Yun. So, since I'm completely new to these things, I read up on Nodejs and Socketio, and thought I could use it since I need realtime feedback.

So, I've been trying to follow the following website ( but have had no luck. I have an Arduino Uno, and the things worked with that, however no luck with the Yun. I've changed the SerialPort in the server code to my Yun IP address. I remember reading about bridges which aren't covered in this code, so that may be it?

Any help/guides/links are truly appreciated! Thank you so much in advance.

Did you change the sketch for the Arduino? Because if you want to send data over wifi you have to use the Console class provided by the Bridge library instead of Serial.

By the way I don' know if it will work even changing the Arduino code. If you want you can try to write a python script that send data over the network. You can pass data between the script and the sketch with the Process class of Bridge.