Arduino Yún and Xbee S6B

Hi guys
Really hope if you can help me here.

Recently i bought an Arduino Yun, Xbee S6B (Wifi) and Xbee GPRSBee.
the idea is put a sensor in an Arduino Fio, then communicate the Xbee S6B with Yun, but i been trough hell trying this two communicate, so the question is...
is possible to communicate those two with only one xbee, or should i buy another Xbee S6B an put into the Yun?
i dont want to use internet, the background idea is put a few sensors with Fios, and comunicate them with Yun in a network hosted by Yun., then Yun sends a message to a cell phone using the GPRSbee( that part is already finish) in case any sensor note some trouble. So i was thinking that if Yun has web capabilities, he can mount a network and the Fios will be comunicate without trouble, but i cant get the talk between xbee and yun.

i dont know if i explain myself right, english is not my native language.
Greetings from Chile

is possible to communicate those two with only one xbee

Communicating using one XBee is like trying to clap with one hand.

The XBee on the FIO is not a S6B or a GPRSBee and will not communicate with either one of those.

thanks for you answer Paul.
i guess i'll buy another S6B, in order to have one in the YUN and one in the FIO, seems like buy the YUN was a waste of money, for my purpose an UNO was what I needed