Arduino Yun Bridge.begin never ends


like many others on many forums, the arduino Bridge connection doesn’t work. Is this a fake ?

I just try this code (in 1.5.5) :

#include <Bridge.h>

void setup() {
Serial.println(“before bridge”);
Serial.println(“atfer bridge”);

void loop() {
Serial.println(“in loop”);

and my only answer is:

before bridge


As i’m not the only one, does someone ever get it working ? Is their any bug in code ?
The “python” process is started on the linux part, but something in the bridge.begin never ends.

Please, help me, i’m a desesperate ArduinoYunMan !!!


Auto-solved. For other persons in the same case: don't install pySerial python library: it allows u to transfer bytes from linino to arduino, but break the other way: the bridge ! :fearful: