Arduino Yun crashes when inserting SD Card

Hello everyone,

Here is my situation, as soon as I inserted the micro SD card into the Yun, it stops working (the network goes down). I have tried to power off the Yun and start it again with the SD card inserted but everything is still not ...working. When I removed the SD card, everything is back to normal.

Im using microSD SAMSUNG EVO 32G SDHC I. I formatted the card as FAT. I read that the Yun should support this card.

Please help.

My suggestion is to do a search for "fake SD cards" and a utility that detects them. There are a lot of SD cards out there being sold by unscrupulous vendors that are marked as being high capacity (particularly the 32 GB cards) that actually only have 4 or 8 GB of storage. They may work at first, but will eventually fail. Before spending a lot of time on it, I would make sure you have a properly working card.

If you bought cut-rate from someplace like eBay, you have higher odds of getting a counterfeit card. But even buying from a big name isn't a guarantee: for example, Amazon may sell the same product from several different vendors, both reputable and fly-by-night - I hear all of the stock from the different sellers gets mixed together in one bin. When an order comes in from any of them, stock gets pulled, but you don't necessarily get stock from that vendor. So one fraudulent vendor can corrupt the whole pool.

Note that you can't tell it's a valid card by putting it in your computer and trying to write a few files to it. To detect a bad card, you need to fill it to capacity and then verify the files. On a large card, this can take many hours. That's where a testing utility comes in, they can save a lot of work. Different operating systems may have different sensitivities to bad cards, so working on one operating system doesn't mean it will work on all.