Arduino YUN - curl not working

I have read a ton of messages trying to find my answer but no luck. Can someone give me advice on this.

I have a need to call a web page that will pass the device address and issues an alert to our emergency responders. I have a YUN that I want use curl and pass a URL. I have used the following code

Basically the code calls this function, makeEmergencyCall and the function sets up a process p and calls the URL. The issue is if I open a terminal session to the YUN with Putty and copy and paste my call onto the command line (ie curl -k "http://10.127....." the web page is called as expected.

But when I call the same web url using curl and parameters, it does not work and no errors are reported.

void makeEmergencyCall() {
Console.println("Sending call via web page...");
Process p;
String myURL = "";
while (p.available()>0) {
char c =;
// Ensure the last bit of data is sent.