Arduino Yun driver for Windows 64 Bit

Hi Guys,

I am unable to install Arduino Yun driver in Windows 64 bit. The root cause of the problem seems to be that Arduino USB is detected as USB\VID_2341&PID_8041&REV_0100 USB\VID_2341&PID_8041 While there is no driver entry for this particular VID and PID in driver file arduino.inf

I manually updated the C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\drivers\arduino.inf section line 100 and 101 to following

..., USB\VID_2341&PID_8041, USB\VID_2341&PID_8041&REV_0100

And then asked Windows to update drivers from the location again. This time it did work. Is there a possibility to get driver updated in near future to include these VID and PIDs?

Cheers Aagosh

I installed the Arduino IDE 1.5.x on both Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit as well as Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit without having to mess with anything like this for any of my Arduino boards...


@PCWorxLA @aagosh

I had a similar problem. I was debugging a sketch, and every time I uploaded over USB, the device disconnected then re-enumerated as usual, except once after re-enumerating, Windows 7-64 reported "unknown USB device". I was still able to upload over Ethernet, so I didn't worry - it happens occasionally and then clears up. But today, it eventually disappeared from the network, too. I moved it to my laptop (also Win7-64) and no change. The hardware ID in device manager said UNKNOWN rather than the usual USB\VID_2341&PID_8041&REV_0100&MI_00 / USB\VID_2341&PID_8041&MI_00.

I eventually did a hard reset (Hold WiFi reset for 30+ seconds) and it came back to life.

The sketch I was working on used used TIMER1 interrupt and YUNClient - perhaps that had something to do with it.