Arduino YUN feasibility for multitasking task

Dear all,

I’m evaluating the Arduino YUN shield for the following tasks:

  1. read three analog sensors and one digital input
  2. write up to four digital outputs
  3. interface a touch lcd with a graphic GUI
  4. able to send SMS for allert
  5. able to make data log with possibility to download them on an external USB stick
  6. able to connect Internet via WiFi / Ethernet

Obviously I’ve selected suitable shields to add to the YUN the missed functionalities (i.e. GSM).
My doubt is about the capability of the YUN architecture to do all these tasks.

I know that the AR9331 communicates with the ATmega32U4 via the BRIDGE (i.e. a serial connection).

Therefore I understood that the capability to access the I/O sensors and the other external shields from AR9331 is only via the bridge by the ATmega32U4.

Can the ATmega32U4 memory size (32KB / 2.5KB) impact negatively the SW solution?
I’ve seen that only compiling a simple example sketch with:

#include <FileIO.h>
#include <GSM.h>

and minimal code setup() and loop(), without interfacing the LCD and without other sort of algorithm, I get:

  • 21626 byte (75%) used (of the 28672 byte available).
  • 1157 byte (45%) used for global var. ( of the 2508 Bytes available)

At this point the YUN board seems to be limited for the above tasks, doesn’t it?

Thank you in advance,


I've deleted the GSM.h include.

Using the AT commands for GSM, the required memory space can be sensibly decreased. Bye