Arduino Yun Fried or Not Responding?

Originally posted over on Adafruit, they suggested trying to find an answer here since the Yun designers my be able to chime in. As of now I still cant find a solution, just hoping that its my lack of knowledge and not the board. Thanks:

I've got a problem with my Arudino Yun, I've tried just about everything to fix it. I just recently bought it and loaded up some of the example Wifi sketches. When I tried to use it this morning however, I got an error message in the console saying something about disk space full, and now I'm unable to upload any of the sketches except some of the analog sketches (Like the Bridge > YunSerialTerminal example, that actually does work). I'm unable to see the Yun over wifi, and the board itself doesnt have any LED's running. The one way I get an LED is when I hit the 32U4 reset button twice and the L13 LED blinks a couple times...but then it dies. The other way is when I uploaded the YunSerialTerminal example, and that results in a blinking TX & L13 but then also dies. Its almost like its shorted out or something?

Some other details:

1) My Yun was connected at one point to solar panels. I was creating the Solar Cricket project on MAKE. Everything was working just fine when I had it all connected (Solar panels, 9V battery, resistor, capacitor, etc), so I dont think thats it. 2) I tried to also factory reset the board, but I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly. I tried to hold down the reset buttons for over 30 seconds, but nothing happens. I also tried to connect a header from pin 12 to Ground but nothing happened.

Is there anyway to factory reset the board to get it back to the beginning, or another way to get it working again? I just bought it 2-3 weeks ago and hope I just didnt waste $80.

Thanks for your help.

This happened to me, too. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? In my case, L13 stays on and no wifi after putting in an SD Card.