Arduino YUN Incorrect password

Hi everyone!

I cannot get into my YUN's webpanel. I've already factory-restarted it several times, but when I enter the webpanel, the default password "arduino" isn't working.

Thanks a lot,

-- rezozo

I factory- restarted my Arduino about 5 times and each time I notice the Password was not reseted. Also, some docs claims the data will be lost, but in fact, after factory-restart, files are still their...

Or factory-restart don't work, or we are not doing real factory-restart. :/

Try the password you've set before PL

The thing is, I don’t remember my old password…

Is there any way to change it without being inside of the webpanel?


Upload yunserialterminal example, open the serial monitor, run passwd, follow prompts, ignore the weak password warning if you like.

Thanks @noblepepper! It really helped me!


I realize this is an old thread but I’ll take a chance on it anyway. I’ve had the same access problems. When I try to compile yunserialterminal I get the error message " ‘SERIAL_PORT_USBVIRTAL’ was not declared in this scope", or " ‘Serial1’ was not declared in this scope"… It depends on whether I’m compiling the sketch from the pieces posted on the page, or whether I compile the sketch under “Below is the complete code:” (the 2 versions are different). I have seen other versions of this sketch referencing “lininoBaud” and the version here referencing linuxBaud. I’ve tried both and get the error about being not declared. Any thoughts?

bfutrell76: It depends on whether I'm compiling the sketch from the pieces posted on the page, or whether I compile the sketch under "Below is the complete code:" (the 2 versions are different).

Don't try to compile either version. The versions on the various tutorial pages often seem to be out of date or have errors. I believe that the latest version is always included with the Arduino IDE. Look under the File menu, then choose Examples, then Bridge, then YunSerialTerminal. I know the IDE example version builds properly for me.

Also, be sure you have the proper board type selected in the IDE's Tools menu - that will definitely affect how the sketch is compiled, and whether Serial or Serial1 are compiled properly.

This goes for ANY of the tutorial examples, not just the YunSerialTerminal: always select the example bundled with the IDE, not the web page, and always make sure the proper board type is selected.