Arduino Yun keeps reseting

Hi everyone,
I'm working in an Arduino Yun project and I have some problem, the board keeps resetting.
The Yun is powered by a Meanwell 24VDC supply with a Murata step down voltage 5VDC (oki-78sr-5/1.5-w36h-c).
When it turns on, it works for a while, after few seconds (let's say 20-30s) its leds start switching an the scketch is resetted.
Over the Yun there is a 4-relay board, when the problem occour, the relais keep switching.

If I tried to power the board with a USB from a computer or a phone power charger and it worked without any problem.

I have tought that the problem starts when the linux module boots up or when wifi starts transmitting. It is possibile? it can be due the radio transmission or the power consumpion.

What do you think? What can be the cause?

Many thanks for your help

I am assuming the 24VDC supply is at least 1A output and there is no other load connected to it. If so you have sized things properly. It appears the Murata step down voltage unit is shutting down or going into an oververload mode. Monitor both the 5V and 24V and be sure they both hold up. If so posting a schematic would be a big help in solving your problem. Frizzy pictures do not show some of the important details. Post technical links to your power supply and stepdown unit.

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