Arduino Yun Linux Side Network Connection(GPRS Shield)

I am using gprs shield with my arduino yun to connect the cellular network.

I successfully established a network connection with arduino side.

However, I need to use also this network connection in the linux side.

How can I create a connection for the both sides of arduino yun?

Thank You

I think you may be facing an uphill battle. The SIM900 device that is on the GPRS Shield is an intelligent device with it's own internal networking stack, and a simplified serial AT command set that allows basic control.

The Linux side has it's own networking stack built into it. You will have two big hurdles getting the GPRS Shield to work with the Linux side:

  • setting up serial communications - the AR9331 process that is the heart of the Linux side of the Yun has only a single serial output, and it is the one that is connected to the AVR processor for use by the Bridge. This is how the two sides of the Yun communicate with each other. You will have to figure out a way to allow the Linux side to talk to the shield. I don't have any suggestions there other than trying to pass everything up to the sketch, which then sends it to the shield - that will be clumsy and slow.
  • setting up network access - the Linux system has it's own networking stack, which will likely not play nicely with the networking stack in shield. You may be able to write some scripts or programs on the Linux side that send the appropriate AT commands to the shield, and therefore grant network access to that individual program or script. But I see it being a major uphill battle trying to tie the Linux native networking into the shield's networking.

It sounds like you want the native networking abilities of the Linux side to be able to access the Internet using the GPRS Shield. This does not sound like a practical project to me. The usual way of giving the Linux side access to the cellular network is to use a USB cellular interface like one would use on a laptop.