Arduino Yun linux side not working !

Hi everyone,

I got new Arduino yun, works properly and fine for only one day. After that the linux side does not work at all!

  • wifi reset doesnt work
  • I can’t access the boot process with yunserialterminal (please refer to the attached file about what I got)
  • no wifi or ethernet connection is possible
  • only power and rx/tx leds work

I am really disappointed with my first yun :frowning: !!

Any help will be appreciated.

Best regards

serial terminal info.txt (16.9 KB)

Is also the web interface not working ?
Can you try the web interface via a ethernet cable ?
If you try something and want to reset it, then disconnect everything to make it start fresh with power up.

You got information from the linux/OpenWRT with the YunSerialTerminal. Is that the YunSerialTerminal sketch running on the ATmega32U4 ? It shows that the linux is working.

There is something wrong in the file system. I don’t know if that is inside the linux module or with an external SD card. It could be a SD card that is not properly formatted.

There is an error at line 59 of you log file : MIPS: no machine found for id 'linino-yun', supported machines:.
But I don’t know if that causes the file system error at the end.

Hi Koepel,

Thank's for your reply.

  • Web interface through the ethernet port is not working. I also used IP scanner and there is no IP address associated to the yun.

  • The YunSerialTerminal shows that the Linux is working but unfortunately it is not responding to anything since the booting process is not going properly as I guess.

  • Nothing changed after removing the SD card.

  • Another sketch was uploaded and it sound the program freezes at the Bridge.begin()

Best regards

If you did not change the configuration files of OpenWRT, and it suddenly stopped working, then try to return it. It is an offical Arduino Yun board ?

Perhaps someone else knows what can be done. You could click the "Report to moderator" link and ask the moderator if your topic can be moved to the Yun section of this forum :

Thanks Koepel, I've contacted the seller and they are going to send me a new board.

Best regards