arduino yun mini factory reset


I got a yun mini a few months ago and set it up and it was working fine. I was able to connect it to my home network and even program it through wifi with the Arduino IDE on my computer. I had it sending me emails via Temboo too. Then I got busy with other things and put it down for a few months.

Fast forward to the present and I have forgotten the password of course. So I try to reset it by pressing the wifi button for 30 seconds but I pressed the wrong button (because I am an idiot). I then did the wifi one too and was able to reset it and reconfigure it with a new password and connect it to my network. The problem is that now it doesn't show up as a network port in the Arduino IDE anymore and the Temboo sketch I had written doesn't work anymore either. I tried setting up ssmtp based email but I keep getting this error

ssmtp: Server didn't like our AUTH LOGIN (530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. v15sm11768762pfa.50 - gsmtp)

Anyway, I think I messed something up by pressing the wrong button for 30 seconds. I want to completely reset the thing to factory settings/firmware and see if I can get it going from there. Is that the right thing to do? How do I do it?


Hi Benfreudberg,

i'm in the same situation... did you find a solution?