Arduino Yun Mini

Is there any plan to make other flavors of Arduino Yun. It would be nice to have an Mini/Micro Yun. I would personally love a version without any port except the mini USB, but with the possibility to add for example the Ethernet/USB A port in a daughter board.

Is that the same as wanting an "Atheros AR9331" shield, perhaps designed for a mini form-factor? It doesn't seem like it's likely to be possible; it's a pretty large design once you include the cpu, ram, and flash memory chips. (I'm surprised that it fits on an Uno-sized board.)

Sella actually even an arduino due in mini format with an Ethernet port would be fine. The only missing feature would be the remote programming capability via Ethernet.

I'd like to see the Yún in [u]any[/u] flavor. So far it seems's well past the announced 'end of June'.

I don't know if I'll be banished by posting to the .org site ;-) but there it is announced a "Mini" version:

should be available on April 30, 2015

its available on rite now. its labelled "yun mini", but it looks more like a linino one and in fact it is the same board.

There is also a Yun shield from