Arduino Yún Motor Control

Hi guys,

I'm pretty new to the Arduino community (this is my first post!), and I had a couple of questions about the Arduino Yún I just picked up. To start off, I got a couple of the Temboo examples working: ControlBySMS and the Bridge examples.

As a next step I was thinking about adding a motor to the Yún (my initial idea was to have an SMS controlled robot that does something small). After searching for a while, it doesn't look like there are any good tutorials out there that involve a motor and the Yún, as I'm guessing it's relatively new. I looked for while, and I saw something that said the Arduino Motor Shield isn't compatible with the Yún? Can someone confirm this? And/or point me in the right direction of what hardware is compatible with the Yún?

Ideally I'd like a good tutorial as to using a motor with the Yún, but at this point I'd just like some clarification as to what hardware would be compatible, and I can go from there.


sorry you can't use Arduino Motor shield with YuN. Usually motor shield is compatible with arduino UNO & arduino mega2560.

SO If you can elaborate your project people might help to choose proper Controller.

Else you can use offshelf PWM based or Relay sheild motor driver to control motor. Where you need to enable digital Ios High & LOW. SO it will not work on Arduino YUN

Has it occurred to you that it might be more useful to ask questions about the Yun in the Yun section of the Forum?

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