arduino yun no wifi, cannot ethernet, usb led always on

i need help with my problem, i use arduino yun.
-No Wifi
-Can't connect with ethernet
-USB Led always ON
-WLAN RST and YUN RST button not working

first i upgrade openwrt form 1.5.3 to 1.6.2 using web panel. when WLAN LED stop blinking, yun no reset. after that i can't connect yun via wifi. i try push and hold WLAN RST but WLAN Led not blinking and nothing happen.

so i try this page, it's success. but when i type "reset", USB Led on board always on, YUN RST not working and i can't connect yun via ethernet again.

how to fix it? please i need help

Hi, u said u type "restet" were? in u-boot mode ? to reboot after proces u should use:bootm 0x9fea0000u try to reflash Karnel and Open-WRT or U-boot too ?
U can again acces uboot mode ?