Arduino Yun not appearing under available ports on the IDE

The appearance of my Yun under network ports on the IDE is very random. Sometimes when the Yun starts it shows up in the IDE. If I exit the IDE and start the IDE up immediately it is not there. The USB serial COM port connection is always fine.

I have been following similar posts that have been discussed over the last 2 years and have carried out all the suggested remedies.

Current situation:

  • IDE 1.6.3
  • OPENWRT 1.5.3
  • Installed and running latest version of Bonjour. It is seeing the Yun and gives the correct IP address and Yun name
  • My windows firewall is sorted for the arduino for port 5353 and also for all traffic at 5353
  • My router is seeing the Yun with the recognised MAC address. No name though. So the IP address is not resolved for the Yun name
  • I can get to the Yun via the browser using the Yun name URL so the Yun name is resolved to the IP address handed out by the router

So to repeat. It is very random and not at all consistent.

Any ideas?

\just to add to the above. I have the same issue with the Ethernet connection as well. Router is seeing the IP but still not show on the IDE. So I can't see that it is a wireless problem alone.

So to repeat. It is very random and not at all consistent.


Any ideas?

I had some, which seemed to help, but in the long run they don't. I wish I had more ideas: it would help you, me, and lots of other people. :frowning:

This seems to be a very prevalent issue that a lot of people are experiencing. It seems like that the IDE is not reliably picking up the network port.

Is it possible for this issue to be investigated and fixed? One of the many key sale points of the Yun is that it can be accessed by the IDE without a direct connection. Especially observing and controlling the Yun via the serial interface over the network connection.


Take a look here: Yun's never show up in Ports menu in 1.6.2 · Issue #2837 · arduino/Arduino · GitHub

There are some improvements in the latest nightly build. Please try it and give some feedback.

So far so good.

Picked up my WiFi and Ethernet OK.
When I pulled the Ethernet the IDE dropped listing it dynamically.
Unplugged the Yun from the USB and both com and network WiFi dropped.
Plugged the Yun back into USB and IDE listed the com followed by the network when it came on line.

Thanks. Just like a bought one.

Seems to be fixed.