Arduino Yun not connected to Wifi network w/prompt

I have followed the rules to get the Yun up and running.

After I setup and reset the Yun after naming it and giving it the open wifi network name, after resetting and connected back to the original wifi network, I attempt to go to the Yun's new address. It doesn't come up at all. [anthro.local]

Then I connect back to my arduino wifi and type in anthro.local again, it works. I switch to the working wifi and refresh the .local... Fail.

My internet connection is to a wifi which has a prompt that lets you decided whether you want paid wifi or free standard wifi, I think the Yun might be getting stuck here.

Any else run into this?


Your Yun can't connect to the network becasue there is a captive portal that requires some actions ( login, filling forms, pressing buttons).

Dealing with captive portals does not have a particular solution. It depends on the captive portal type so there are some common ways you can try.

Read this for some info: