Arduino Yun not showing up in IDE 1.5.8 under Linux Ubuntu 14.04

I installed recently Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32 bit om my PC. Works great !
Now I installed Arduino IDE 1.5.8 for 32 bit Linux. Allthough the installation went allright and I can use
the programm, "ARDUINO YUN" is not showing up in the board selection ??? :cry: :cry:
What can I do.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

It should, it must show.
Did you accidently install some Arduino things from the repositories ? Perhaps you have mix with different versions.

I hava installed a minimum Java. I don't install the Java RX TX library.
And I unzip the Arduino IDE 1.5.8 in a folder. And I also don't have any Arduino installed from the repositories.

That is the cleanest setup for Arduino. I can even unzip more Arduino versions, and select the version I would like to run.

Thanks for your reply.
No I installed Ubuntu just this weekend and the first program I downloaded and installed was Arduino 1.5.8 for 32bit Linux.
The Yun is not showing up …
I installed with the ‘sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install arduino arduino-core’ command.
Should I install the unstable deb’s ??

Any idea’s ???


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When you install packages from the repositories (with apt-get or Synaptic), that is an older version. You only need the Arduino file that you downloaded and a minimum Java.

Could you install Synaptic ? or perhaps you can also use the Software Manager.
Synaptic makes it easy to search for packages.
Uninstall everything with Arduino.
Uninstall the Java RX TX library.

Download the zip file of Arduino IDE 1.5.8 BETA and unzip it in a folder.
Run Arduino from that folder.
Connect the Yun with the micro-usb connector to the computer.
It should show in the menu.

If that does not work, perhaps you can try another usb cable or another computer.

Hi Peter,

It works, indeed no sudo … Just execute the shell script.
Thanks for your assistance, really appreciated.

Best wishes