Arduino Yun not uploading and it's really hot

I was being dumb and wanted to control my LPD6803 led strip and forgot that the connection for the 12v power supply went to the power pins of the strip into the yun. Whenever I turn it on though a computer, it gets 5 (via vin pin) and the 32u4 gets really hot and actually burned me, along with most of the rest of the board gets hot, the on, rx, tx led's are on. Whenever I power it though a wall adapter (5v 500ma) it gets 1.5v (checked to see if it was the supply itself it's not) and the 32u4 gets warm, and on, rx, tx, usb led's turn on and it makes this whinning sound. I can't upload to it, even though the ip port of the yun shows up on the ide. Is it dead, please help!!!

The spec is clearly 5V so I would say you fried it.

Mine is hardly even warm let alone hot and its been on for over a week.

Can your system actually still see it in any way ?