Arduino Yun page is not showing welcome page


Few months ago, i have configured and worked with Arduino Yun and did some sample sketches. Due to other reasons since 3-4 months i did not touch the Yun.

Today when i try to test the yun again, it's not showing welcome page.

It's showing WIfi name networks. when put 'yun.local' in the browser, it returns {"variables": {"temperature": 24, "humidity": 40},

Seems to be earlier i have worked with Temperature & Humidity sensor. I have reset the wifi and yun buttons. in IDE also i could not see the option to select board as Yun.

Earlier i have used MAC to configure the Yun. Now i am using ubuntu os

When do with terminal as

$ avahi-browse -a & wlan0 IPv4 Secure Shell on Yun SSH Remote Terminal local + wlan0 IPv4 Yun _arduino._tcp local

Could someone please guide me how to get back the welcome page or what i could do to upload the sketch.

Reset to factory settings