Arduino Yun Password Issue

Hi All,

I've just put my hands on the Yun board and made it running just fine (use it as a small data collector and push collected data to another server). I have a simple configure web page on it so I can log on to the board and set some parameters.

However, I just found one very annoying issue with the board after few days of running. I've turned the REST API password option off and can sent rest request to it during normal running status without using a password. But it always asks for password every time after reboot or power off. When this happens, if I open the serial monitor and give it the password, everything will work just fine. Any thoughts on why the password is still required after reboot?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


I miss the point: you said you disabled password on REST api, but after reboot you need to type password on the serial monitor
REST api and serial monitor are not related. How does the serial monitor come into play?

Thanks for the reply.

It works this way. After I reboot the board, the REST APi doesn't work anymore. If I log on the Yun's own configure page and input password, it has no effect. The only thing that would do the trick is I open up the serial monitor (via wifi) on IDEW and connect to the board, at this time, IDE will ask for a password and if I input password there, the REST API then comes alive.

Can you share the sketch code?
When you say the REST api doesn’t work, you mean you get an error message?


Just found what might be the reason. In my loop, I have YunClient client = server.accept(); as the first line. If I don't cannot to it, it seems hang there and doesn't get executed. Therefore, it blocks the execution of all subsequent codes.What I don't understand here is as long as it's connected once, it doesn't block any more.

Any suggestions on this?

Thanks a lot!



I actually found the problem. i had a Console.begin() in my setup method which blocks until I connect serial monitor to it.

Thanks for all your efforts on this.