Arduino Yún - Public WiFi

I suspect I'm just missing something obvious here, but how would I connect to a public wifi system that requires both a username and a password?

I think you are talking about a captive portal

We thought about setting up a recipe for making them work flawlessly, but every one is different and there is no generic solution

Good news is that you can make it work (we did with the city one, here in Turin), bad news is that you need to play with your browser (using something like firebug) and mimic the http calls it does when you login interactively.

If its easy, you should end up with one or more "curl" command calls like

Process.runShellCommand(F("curl -d 'username=foo&password=bar'");

If its harder, you probably need to parse one curl output and use it as input for a second one

I have YUN and some troubles to connect to wifi. Besides YUN, there is a wifi library for other/older bords which seems very handy. If there were anything like WiFi.begin(ssid, pass) ; WiFi.scanNetworks(); ; works for YUN i would be really appreciated. On the other hand, It is written at the arduino's site for "Process.runShellCommand()" parametertype=NONE . [u]What is F() function ?[/u] And, now I understand that we can manipulate whole curl parameters. is that right? Additionally, Process.runShellCommand(..) command above is for logging in a website etc. i guess. Not to connect to a network(encrypted/unencrypted wifi).

Thanks for your help in advance.