Arduino Yun Rev 2 - using serial output over WiFi


How to verify that my serial monitor works? I am using Arduino Yun Rev 2 and I am using a Port over WiFi.

Can you give me the simplest example to check?

How can I read data from sensors? I don't have a USB cable connection between Arduino and my pc.

Ps.Via web browser only?

Use the Console class in your sketch instead of Serial. It has all of the same methods as Serial, but uses a network connection instead of USB.

Try out the ConsoleAsciiTabke example. Load the sketch, select the network address on the Port menu, and then open the SerialMonitor window.

Note that the example includes a while (!Console) loop - this will cause it to wait for a connection before the sketch continues to run: with it in place, the sketch won't run without you always connecting to it with the SerialMonitor. Without it, any output sent before you connect to it is lost. So, if you want the sketch to be able to start on its own, don't include this loop, but be aware that you probably wont see any initial messages.