Arduino Yun - SD card mount problem

Dear commmunity,

I’ve been struggling to make Arduino Yun to recognise my sd cards for over 2 days with no luck.
I am using “dmesg” to see if it is recognised but i cant see any /dev/sda or something.

I dont understand what the problem is… Many other people are expieriencing problems mounting and soft linking the sd, but my issue is stranger because my sd is not recognised by openwrt.

Can someone help me with this issue?

I am working over WiFi, using putty ssh terminal. I have also copied the dmesg log.
Have formatted my sd card 8GB to NTFS & my SD card 2GB to FAT32. None of them are recognised.

I have powered off my yun and then porwered it on (sd card always connected), and through terminal ran the command dmesg.

Here is the log:

I don't see any sd related output. You should mail and explain the issue

I cant do anything to fix the problem?

Did you resolve the problem? I've got the same symptoms, using a GoodRAM 4GB card, works fine on the laptop.

I contacted with a technician from Arduino R&D department. It seemed that there is a hardware problem only with my YUN.