Arduino Yún + Servo + Ultrasonic Sensor

Hello all, I am (or will) be connecting an Arduino board (probably a Yun) with a servo and an ultrasonic sensor on top. However I am not that potent with operational voltages. I understand firstly that the Yun operates on a 5v input while the servo between 3.5-8.4V and the sensor on 5V. Will the Yun be able to provide the voltages to both those pieces with a 5v battery input? or the mAh make a difference? :S

sensor :

servo :

Sorry for my ignorance :(

You generally need to supply a separate source to the servo. You cannot drive the servo power wire though an output of the arduino. If you have one very small servo, you might be able to get away with using power from the arduino's voltage regulator.

There are plenty of examples of basic servo implementations.