Arduino Yun: Talk to Atmega32U4 from PHP on the linino-side


I just dug into my new Arduino Yun and I LOVE it! This seems to me to be the greatest advantage for tinkeres since the Arduino Diecimila. On the Yun, I have a webserver running with PHP, SQLITE3 and all works well. However, up to today I wasn't able to talk to the Atmega32u4 from my PHP-script, which runs on the linino-side. Is there any post/blog about this? All I found are entries on how you simply have to call the correct URLs in order to get to the Atmega32u4 - but that's usually from Browsers. Is there an elegant way to call routines on the Atmega32u4 directly from PHP (using the bridge library or else)?

Thank you very much, Dani

require ("bridgeclient.class.php");

$client = new bridgeclient();

$test= $client->get("D13");
echo $test;

Great, thanks! So have I gotten this right that it is not possible to call a function or trigger anything else from php. All I can do is save values in Atheros' RAM that can be read from the ATmega32u4? Thanks, Dani

Something like this;-

#include <Bridge.h>
void setup()
void loop()
	char lbuffer[256]; 
	Bridge.get("D13", lbuffer, 256); 
     	Bridge.put("D13", "Test2");