Arduino yun temperature-panel

Hey guys,

I have some problems with my yun :(.
When I for instance upload the temperature web panel (did all the SD (512 mb) card preperations) It writes nothing to my SD card.
The bridge example works perfect, so theres nothing wrong with my internet connection.
Please help me, I really want this to work.

Thank you all

I also tried a 32 gig sd, fails to:(

Have you set up the sd card properly? Check this blog post, “browser” paragraph

Yes I set my sd card up like: SD/arduino/www.
my sd card format is fat32, that should work i've been told.
thank you for your reply but it doesn't work yet.

Can you try with one not-so-old-not-so-new sd card? An 8 or 16 giga should do. If it won't work anyway, write to and link them to this forum topic